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Preparing and eating good food has always made me happy. I travel the world by recipe books, always searching for that beautiful balance of sweet, sour and a tantalizing touch of spice.  Where ever I live, my first tasks are to set up the kitchen, plant the food garden and find the best local food.

Gecko Grove Fine Foods began when we lived in Gatton. The  Lockyer Valley garden and surrounding farms are full of food waiting to be bottled. Each new season, I used traditional small batch preserving methods to make a range of gourmet preserves. The savoury preserves include Beetroot Relish, Eggplant Pickle, Pumpkin Chutney and a range of Tomato Preserves. The sweet preserves include Fig Jam, Lemon, Lime and Ginger Marmalade and a range of jams made from seasonal fruits. We sold our products at markets in Toowoomba and the Lockyer Valley and some selected stores.

At markets, customers often fondly recalled the wonderful preserves made by their mother/aunt/grandmother. Invariably, the recollection ended with a regretful “I never learnt” or ” I wouldn’t know where to begin”. So we begun our Jam sessions to share the secrets of successful preserve making.

In late 2017 we said a sad farewell to our Gatton garden (and the house too) and moved to Toowoomba. 2018 will see us in our new kitchen and as quests in other kitchens sharing the satisfying art of preserve making.


Read more about ‘Why we do what we do’ here.

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