Market Tales

Market Tales

Thanks to all the lovely customers at Mulgowie and Margaret Street Markets last weekend. I am not a morning person but once I get over the shock I really enjoy chatting to customers who share my interest in cooking and eating.  Two lovely women were shopping with their school age daughters. The girls watched their mothers taste various samples and discuss what to buy. Then one girl asked if she could try too. It was lovely to see them all being adventurous with food.  They ended all deciding that they all liked the beetroot relish. Tonight I had a lovely surprise when I answered the phone. It was Georgia – one of the girls – ringing to say they had the beetroot relish with their pork sausages for tea and it was lovely.  I also chatted to her mum Kate who said she just had to ring because they all enjoyed it. So nice to be appreciated.

Beetroot Relish – made with ginger, orange and spices – recommended by Georgia – great with pork sausages or feta.



2 thoughts on “Market Tales

    • tell Brian that I made another batch of Thai Chilli sauce. On second thoughts don’t tell him because it all sold last weekend. Hope your NZ trip is wonderful.


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