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A very special thank you to due to Moira who I chatted to about figs at Margaret Street Markets last Sunday. Moira has lots of figs growing on her tree this year.  I mentioned that I made a lovely fig jam but was looking for savoury ideas for figs.  Moira took my card and this week  she emailed me a wonderful selection of recipes for fig preserves and also the title of a book to look for – A fresh look at figs by  Pamela Allardice. The recipes are from Yugoslavia, Russia, Turkey and India. I do love traveling by recipe book. I’d love to hear of any great recipes from around the world.  Perhaps you have a particularly foodie friend who might have some up their sleeve? We are hoping to grow our audience so share please share our posts with your friends and family.
There won’t be any fresh figs for a while yet -in South East Queensland Figs ripen mid to late summer. However I do have some in the freezer to do a little experimenting with. I’ll keep you posted.

Until then I still have some of last summer’s stock. Fig Jam is flavoured with dusky spices, Fig & Apple Jam has apple added for a lighter, fresher taste and Fig and Ginger Conserve has chunks of fig and ginger. These soft set preserves are ideal to use on icecream, stirred through yoghurt or dolloped on top of your muffins before baking.


Fig Update:

I have trialled a batch of fig chutney – this is a fruity mixture of figs, apples and cumquats made with apple pie spices, honey and a twist of pepper.  It’s pretty good. Moira has taken a trial bottle and we are awaiting her verdict.


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