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Bottles come home!

Today I reached a bottle milestone of over 1000 bottles filled this financial year.  We buy our bottles from Plasdene Glass-Pak. They are proud to be a signatory of the Australian Packaging Covenant, a unique initiative between government, industry and community groups, set up to divert packaging waste from landfill.  Smarter Packaging, Less Waste, Cleaner Environment – something we are also proud to support.

This 1000 bottle mile stone made me wonder where all those bottles have gone to.  Quite a lot of Gecko Grove products are bought as gifts or souvenirs of the Lockyer Valley and they go off never to be seen again. I know for a fact that GGFF bottles have ended up in Sweden, South Africa, France and Germany. In places like Sweden and France they will probably be recycled because those countries have an excellent record for recycling.

Some GGFF bottles will be reused by the purchaser to bottle their own jam or relish. Hopefully if they are thrown out they are thrown in the recycling bin.  Just recycling one glass bottle save enough energy to power a computer for 25 minutes.  While one ton of recycled glass saves 42 Kwh of energy, 0.12 barrels of oil (5 gallons), 714,000 Btu’s of energy, 7.5 pounds of air pollutants from being released, and 2 cubic yards of landfill space. Over 30% of the raw material used in glass production now comes from recycled glass.

That’s recycling. Reusing is even better.  It takes much less energy to clean, sterilise and reuse a bottle than make a new one even from recycled glass.  Gecko Grove Fine Foods encourages customers to return their empties as a small contribution for climate change mitigation. Our motto is “saving the planet one bottle at a time”.  I was delighted to find this post On Grinning Planet (their motto is saving the planet one joke at a time).

To date we only have about 4% of our bottles returned.  There are many reasons for this but we want to encourage our regular customers to return empty bottles to the point of sale or our suppliers. We will welcome the bottles home with open arms. You don’t even need to remove the label. We will clean them up and sterilise them. Our power is solar and we use new lids to ensure a good seal before they are ready to go.  Saving the planet, one bottle at a time.

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2 thoughts on “Bottles come home!

  1. What great initiatives! I have one lonely Gecko Grove pre-loved bottle here ready to return. It is gathering dust but will eventually find its way home!


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