Jamming News

Some like it hot.

No two batches of chilli sauce are the same. I can measure chilli by weight, but the heat changes from crop to crop and different types of chilli not only have different heat – they each have a different flavour.  We grow a lot of different chilli because diversity means protection against losing the whole crop to mildew, scavenging birds or other natural disasters. Also they look dam fine in all their hot little shapes and colours.
Earlier this yeas I made  #3 Sweet Thai Chilli Sauce. (I hope you like the imaginative name) It is made with a mix of red and yellow chilli and sweetened with local mixed blossom honey instead of sugar, making it lower in overall sugar content and lighter in colour.

#3 Sweet Thai Chilli Sauce was sold out fast for all those  summer barbeque of any meal that needed pepping up.

#4 Thai Chilli Sauce will sit in the bottles to mature for a month and will be ready in April. This sauce has less sweet and more heat!



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