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Celebrate Spring – take a country drive

lockyer farms (9) When I was young, it was the family custom to take a Sunday drive every so often.  Mum uses to get cabin fever in suburban Brisbane so we would all pile into the car and head off in search of clean air and wide spaces.   Because there was five of us, at times there was a bit of pushing and squabbling but there was no car TV, no mobile phone, no laptop,  tablet or screen of any kind.  For distraction we just looked out the window. There was always lots to see.  We played driving games – competing to see how many red cars or  trucks or white horses we could see. For some unknown reason you had to yell beaver every time you saw a white horse.

And where were we going? Just for a drive, an explore.  We might end up at a park where we could feed the ducks and have a swing or climb in the play equipment.  We might drive further out of Brisbane to open places and big skies, to  see what was growing in the paddocks, buy from a farm stall and paddle in a creek.  Mum and Dad would laze on the picnic rug while the kids explored and made cubby houses and climbed trees. I still remember the smell of the bush along a creek and the shock of leaving the shade when entering a sunny clearing where the cows came down to drink. The drive home always seemed much quicker some how.

Now that it’s spring why not take your family for a country drive? Visit for some ideas on where to go.



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