Some things I now know about Onions or teary onion tales

Before I came to live in the Lockyer Valley I did’t really think much about onions. I put them in casseroles and spaghetti bolognese and things like that. I didn’t like onions on hamburgers and I picked out raw onion out of everything if I found it in time.

My first indication that things were different onion wise in the Lockyer was during a healthy cooking session when I was teaching Preschool at Forest Hill State School. We were making meatballs and the children were cutting up onion under careful supervision. Everyone wanted to cut some up so we ended up with quite a pile of roughly chopped onion. I was sure that the children would not eat the meatballs if we had all these huge pieces of onion so I surreptitiously started to remove some. My wonderful left hand woman Pam stopped me. She assured me that these children had been brought up on local onions and loved them. With great misgiving we added all the onion and Pam was right – the children loved them. So having lived in the Lockyer Valley for 20 years I’d like to share some things I know now about onions.

  1. Tony Abbott, Bernard O’Reilly and Allan’s gran all have something in common. Can you quess what it is? Yes they all ate raw onions like others eat apples (but only Tony ate the skin as well). Sadly Gran and Bernard O’Reilly are now dead but they did live to a ripe old age so even more sadly we may have Tony around for some time to come.
  2. Even Chefs get get teary eyed when peeling onions – the difference is that chefs don’t care.
  3. Onion goggles don’t work but a quick dunk in boiling water does.
  4. Different cooking methods cause onions to have a  different taste. Don’t just burn your onions on the barbie – sweat them gently in a pan and they will be sweeter and kinder to your stomach.

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