Relish, Chutney, Pickle – What’s in a Name?

Gecko Grove Fine Foods

I am often asked for Tomato Relish. If I have it in stock people are happy to buy it without tasting. They presume they know what it tasted like. However each Tomato Relish tastes  different depending on the cook, the quality of the tomatoes and the choice of aromatic flavouring ingredients. Gecko Grove Tomato Relish has a fresh herby taste. Other Tomato relishes might be sweeter, or more vinegary or look more yellow because of the added tumeric. It is all a matter of taste and you can’t really tell unless you do taste.

People usually have a taste of Tomato Quetta or Tomato Kasundi before buying. They ask “what is a Quetta?” Well it’s a name for a particular style of preserve.

There are many preserves you can make with Tomatoes- you can make Jam, Pickle, Relish, Ketchup, Quetta, Chutney, Passata just to name a few. They all contain tomato…

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