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Our First Jam Session

A few weeks ago some lovely ladies joined me in the first Gecko Grove Jam session. We made Strawberry Jam and we had a ball. The ladies had differing amounts of experience with jam – but mostly were more confident eating it than making it. We ran through the basics of jam making and then got stuck into it. While preparing the fruit, ladies got chatting with some interesting stories being shared.

Everyone has a slightly different idea of what makes a perfect jam – some like fruity chunks, other a more homogeneous texture; some like a firm set , other like it soft to stir through yoghurt or pour on ice-cream; and while the fruit should always be the main flavour, some like a little touch of spice. Each cook was able to make their own jam choices. We went from raw strawberries to bottled jam in the course of a morning.  The jam session ended with tea and scones served with cream and lashings of fresh jam. Each student took home some bottles of their own handmade jam and recipes cards for the next time.

Are you interested in our Jam Sessions? If so, we would love to see you. You can have a look at our Jam Session tab for more info.



2 thoughts on “Our First Jam Session

  1. Hi, thank you for an interesting post. I love Jam making, and have put together 50 Love Vintage recipes called pickles and preserves. These are from an old Edwardian cook.


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