Market Tales

Meet Sonya the jam judge

September is Carnival of Flowers time in Toowoomba and I spent the last 6 days at St Luke’s Church Hall  selling my wares with a bunch of other people. My neighbor for the market was Sonya who was selling a variety of  crocheted  items.   Sonia is a gem – over 70 years old and a pensioner. She works 3 days a week as a voluntary JP in local shopping centres, sings regularly to entertain “the old people”, teaches craft classes for children and adults and has regular market stalls with her friend Ruth. You might wonder how she manages to keep up the constant supply of  of rugs, tea towels, dolls clothes, hats, jugs covers, booties etc. But it soon makes sense when you she that she is constantly at work.  Sonia crochets fast. In fact in 2006 she won the title of Australia’s fastest crocheter in a  competition in Melbourne.

As well as a craft teacher,she has worked as a nurse and a cook. Some time in her adventurous life she ended up in Proserpine North Queensland. There she regularly  won so many prizes in the local show for her cooking that she became a show judge for cooking. I was a bit nervous when she asked to taste my marmalade but they must have passed muster as she bought 4 different bottles and recommended it to customers. She is also a fan of our Eggplant Pickle. She doesn’t cook many preserves herself these days but was full of cooking tops and suggestions. She even brought along a 100 year old cooking book to show me.

See the blanket Sonia is holding – that’s our new picnic rug. We’ll think of her when eating our cheese and pickles next weekend when we take a well earned rest.img_20160921_142449692_hdr-5859876



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