Jamming News

The sweetest little berries are cooking up right – we’re making mulberry jam.

We had a fabulous Jam Session in October. The fruit of the month was mulberries. Rain came at just the right time in August and my friend Sherrie’s trees are loaded with the juiciest fruit. Anyone who has picked mulberries will know how messy they can be but the are very easy to prepare as they don’t need to be peeled. As with any jam, the choice is yours – do you want it an even consistency or do you prefer fruity junks. I always think that the right combination of flavours will make an more interesting jam. We routinely add salt and pepper, a touch or butter or a squeeze of lemon juice to enhance meat and vegetables don’t we? So adding a little spice will turn your jam into a gourmet product. The jam of the day was made by AJ who added apple to her mulberry mix and simmered them gently with a mix of cloves and cinnamon. She went home happily with 6 bottles of jam – some to keep and some to give as gifts to her lucky family and friends. She made her jam with a soft set as was planning to eat it with Greek yoghurt. Yum.

AJ had this to say about the jam session: “after a day well spent learning new things, having great conversations and lots of laughs, I now have little pots of delicious hand made love.” 

If you are interested in attending a Jam Session please contact us. If you have a kitchen large enough for a small group perhaps you would be interested in a private jam session with family and friends.


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