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Fig Jam Session

Our January Jam session featured figs. Figs make fantastic preserves because the flavour intensifies with cooking and they can be enhances with range of different spices to make your own signature jam. However, figs are very low in acid so this makes it a bit tricky to get a firm set. Patti, Sue, Jess and Jess had a great morning tasting preserves, discovering about pectin and other jam mysteries and making some very luscious jam. We also learned that while a watched pot never boils, jam can easily burnt if you don’t watch it.

My favourite jam of the day was Jess and Jess’s Fig and Apple Jam flavoured with star anise and orange essence.

Here is come lovely feedback from Sue.

Hi Barbara

A quick email to say how much I enjoyed the jam making workshop. I thought you did a lovely presentation and I wouldn’t say I’m a confident jam maker now, but I am certainly more knowledgeable than before. Mum did make marmalade but like most of mum’s domestic skills, I didn’t appreciate them or indeed really have the opportunity to learn from her. 

So thank you for a really good morning.


Many people tell me that their mum or grandmother or aunt made brilliant preserves but they didn’t learn. Let me be your adopted jam making relative and show you.

Next Fig Jam Session is Saturday February 18th. Please Contact Barbara for a booking or more details.


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