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Thinking of Hosting a Private Jam Session?

Thinking of Hosting a Private Jam session? Here’s what you need to know.

The most important things are a good stove and enough space and enough people.

People and Bench Space: Jam sessions should be between 4-6 people. Even numbers are better so that people can work in pairs. Each person needs about half a metre of bench space to work comfortably. I have a portable table at bench height if you don’t have enough room on the bench – but you then need enough floor space to fit them in.

Stove for cooking: Gas stoves are best. We need room for big pots and power to heat up to 105 degrees (setting point). If your stove struggles to boil water in a big spaghetti pot then we may have trouble. If you have a top of the range 6 burner gas stove it will be wonderful. Anywhere in between, I have some single burner induction hot plates which I can bring along. These need bench space and a power point.

Other things: Table and chairs nearby for morning tea. Have a mop /broom/ bench cloths handy


Price per person is about  *$85 and includes 4 bottles of jam (RRP $32), a recipe card with multiple jam recipes and tasting of Gecko Grove products.  Any extra jam made can be purchased by participants for $5 a bottle. Gift cards .50c.

Host discount: As a thank you for hosting, your Jam Session will cost* $55 (a saving of $30).

*price will vary according to price of produce used.

Before the session

Clean the benches and remove any clutter such as oil bottles or knife blocks. Jam making can be messy and we need as much space as possible.

I will arrive about 45 minutes before session to set up.

What GGFF Provides.

GGFF has Public Liability Insurance that will cover anything should it go wrong.

I will provide aprons for all participants, the recipes, bottles, ingredients and all necessary equipment.

What You Provide

To look after your guests you need to provide tea and coffee as well as milk and sugar for those that need it.  It’s always nice to have cold water in the fridge with some glasses to drink from as jam making can be hard work.

We will have a break for morning tea during the session. I will bring jams and relishes for people to try so I would suggest that you provide something to compliment them.  Some ideas would be: scones or sweet biscuits to try with the jam and some savoury biscuits and cheese to try with the relishes.  Be mindful that some of your guests might have a gluten intolerance or another dietary requirement. If you have some, it would be great if you provided kitchen scales.

In Summary-

On Arrival

Offer guests tea or coffee. If they are new to your house, show them where the toilet is.

During session

Relax and enjoy the session but be available to help your guests if they need it. I will also let you know about 10 minutes before morning tea, so that you can break off and set it up on the table and pop the kettle on.


I’m happy to clean up but your help will be greatly appreciated.


Before the session
Clean and de-clutter the kitchen
Have a selection of tea and coffee available
Get something ready for morning tea (see suggestions)
Put some water in the fridge for people to drink
Put your kitchen scales out on the bench, if you have some
Have a mop/broom/bench cloths handy
During the session
Offer your guests tea or coffee on arrival
Show your guests where the toilets are
Set up morning tea about halfway through the session

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