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Farms, food and family

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I met Melissa from Mormor Foods several years ago when I was planning a pop up salad bar for a local event.  Fiona Annand from Forest Hill Farm Stall suggested I try Mormor seeds as a  finish for my salads. I got in contact with Melissa, tasted her seeds and promptly ordered some. It turns out that Melissa and I both use the Grantham Butter Factory as our kitchen. As well as sharing a kitchen, we share a passion for local food, low food miles, and tasty planet friendly food. Though Melissa’s children are young and mine are adults, we both juggle family, gardening, hobbies, and much more as well as our boutique food business.

Melissa and I have spent many hours together at markets and food events. We have seen paddock to plate experiences in other regions and think that the Lockyer Valley needs more opportunities for local people to eat local food.

So it is with much excitement that we are holding our very First  First Sunday Food at the Grantham Butter Factory March 5th 10.00 am to 2.00 pm.We are putting together a mix of farmers, food producers and more.  You are invited to come along  for a mix of food and history.  We are a  little nervous about this venture and we need your support.

Come along on March 5th or our first First may be our last.




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