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Sunday is for country drives and picnics

Every family has it’s own food traditions. When I was young, apart from Church, Sunday meant food and family. Some Sundays were for dressing up in our best clothes and visiting Gran and Granddad. Sunday lunch was roast lamb with all the trimmings. Granddad was in charge of peeling the potatoes. We ate in the lounge room and the giant carvings on the back of the chairs meant that you had to sit up straight while eating. No elbows on the tables, no speaking with your mouth full. The food was great but we were always relieved to be shooed off afterwards while the grownups rested in the easy chairs on the verandah. The best place to play was in the dirt under the home perfect for making roads and looking for ant lions.

On other Sundays we had long days of food and fun at one of the aunties houses. Kids had meals at one table and adults at another and It was hard to say who had more fun. Then there was always singing around the piano before sleeping children were carted off home.  When it was time to visit the other grandparents, we had cakes and cordial on the patio.

Some Sundays mum would announce she was getting cabin fever so she would pack a picnic basket and we’d all pile into the jolly green giant (our battered family car) and head off on a country drive. Picnics in those days featured corned beef, boiled eggs, fruit cake and anzac biscuits.

What are your Food and Family traditions for a Sunday? We’d love to hear your food stories Our First Sunday Food . Held on March 5th at the Grantham Butter Factory. We’ll be packing the picnic for you so just come and enjoy. Make sure you bring cash as some of our producers don’t have credit facilities.



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