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Veggie Flavour in a bottle.

Melissa Sheppard from Mormor Foods is living the dream. After a childhood in country Queensland she went to the big city to study Hospitality Managament and Tourism . After that she lived and worked in London and travelled widely. Skip forward a few years and Melissa is back in country Queensland with husband Tom and two cute kids. They live on the family farm and spend many happy hours with family and food. Marrying Tom has meant new food traditions and recipes from  her Swedish mother-in-law, Annica.

It was Annica who introduced Melissa to Vauxtkraft and resulted in the Melissa’s food enterprise.  Vaxtkraft is a Swedish name for the vegetable stock concentrate and it translates to mean ‘growing power’. Living in the Lockyer Valley, known as Australia’s salad bowl, has given Melissa the opportunity to access the freshest produce available direct from local farmers.   Mormor food was born, and named to honour family ties, traditions and love of wholesome and natural foods.   Vauxtkraft forms the flavour base for Melissa’s great collection of soup recipes which can be found on herfood-market website

Mormor food is also a cheeky play on words, as once you try the Vaxtkraft products you will definitely be wanting ‘more more!’

Vaxtkraft will be on sale at First Sunday Food  and we will be using it in some of our menu items so you can try before you buy.



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