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Feel like a Sunday drive? We’ll pack the picnic.

Often after a busy week it is all too easy to spend Sunday as a lazy day at home. We understand Life in the fast lane can effect you like that. But when was the last time you went on a Sunday Drive? How about taking the slow road to Grantham next weekend? There is something new happening at the Old Grantham Butter Factory.

The Grantham Butter Factory was built in 1907 and a lot has happened since them. At peak production Jacaranda Butter from Grantham was send  to Europe. Times changed and the Factory was closed down in 19??

In recent years the wonderful new kitchen has been used by by Melissa Sheppard from Mormor Food. She makes a traditional vegetable stock paste. and  Gecko Grove Preserves. Each time I cook there, I think of the unused potential of the building.

Melissa Sheppard and I have long been wanting the Grantham Butter Factory to be used more.  So this year we have taken the initiative and are holding a food event at the Grantham Butter Factory on March 5th . Our idea is to run a simple café menu featuring local produce. We are organizing displays of farming  and local history memorabilia and we have some farmers coming along to talk about their produce. This could become an ongoing event and part of a local food forager trail.  We think that people will come not just for our food but also to have a look at the Butter Factory and we would hopefully have a display of Butter and Farming memorabilia.

We are very excited about our event but also a little apprehensive .   If visitors  don’t the first First Sunday Food could well be the last. That would be such a shame as we think that the region needs more events like these  not just for tourists but for locals. If  you agree please jump in your car and come and see us at the very first First Sunday Food.



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