First Sunday Food / More about us

The seed is planted, First Sunday Food is growing.

A few weeks ago Melissa Shepard from Mormor Foods and I held the very first First Sunday food.  Our vision was to hold a day in the beautifully refurbished Grantham Butter Factory to celebrate local seasonal food. So we talked to our favorite food producers, set up a pop up cafe and prepared some scrumptious  food. The stand out popular dish of the day was the Ploughman’s Plate which featured Schulte’s wurst, cabana and pastrami, Emmo’s Feta, Monica’s eggplant, Watercress Creek Olives, Ghost Gully Leaves, Gecko Grove cucumber Pickles, Gecko Grove Chutney, 9Dorf eggs, Mormor Seeds and Baker’s Duck sourdough bread.

We wanted our event to be about farms food and family  – to hear the stories and conversations between growers, makers and consumers. The Butter Factory was such a perfect location – a strong physical reminder of times past. We would like to thank the wonderful Wilma who conducted Butter factory tours to large groups of locals and visitors. Wilma collected some new stories about the Butter Factory on the day.

Many thanks are given to our volunteer helpers – Allan, Annika, Jess, Kaitlyn, and Pam and Tom;- to Cafe Sorella and to the Displays –  Holmwood Lavender, Seatonfire Chilli, The Crooked Little House Withcott Vegetables and Gatton Historical Village.

Many thanks also to all the customers who came and shared food and time and stories. We have some wonderful feed back and will be planning the next food event soon. We’ll keep you posted.



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