First Sunday Food

Art and stories – food for the soul

Growing, selecting. preparing and eating food happens every day  to the lucky people of our lucky country Australia. It is a basic necessity. Often is is regulated to a chore, for some it can be  a struggle.

Good food, prepared with care and shared with family and friends is one of life’s great pleasures. We need art and stories and music as much as love and food and fresh air.

At First Sunday Food, we wanted people to share their food memories of family feasts, picnic and parties. Here are a few.

My family is Danish so we sit down at Christmas and enjoy a smorgastbord of different Danish and Australian Dishes. We enjoy roast pork with cranberry sauce, Sugar caramelised brown potatoes, turkey, mint dressing white poatoes, red cabbage, gravy, roast pumpkin, onon, sweet potato, carrots with honey, three vegie salad, prawns, calamari. Dessert is always rice pudding- my favorite. Mum always has it with cherries in sauce made with almonds. We play a game  – the one finds the whole almond in their desserts in the winner.

As kids, my cousins and I would walk about 5kms to our Grandma’s house. We’d pick hge bunches of wattle on the way. in her old dresser she always had huge jars of pickled onions whuch we all loved – along with our special grandma.

On Saturday afternoons my brother, the two dogs and I would sit under the macadamia nut tree and crack open the fallen nuts and eat them. We used bricks that we found outside and became quite good at cracking them without turning them into paste or smashing out fingers.

First you cook the meat then the onions and garlic and tomatoes. Pasta Sauce. Yum I eat it with my mum. It’s yummy in my tummy.





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