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Here’s to memories and new beginnings

You haven’t heard from me as much this year. 2017  has been a busy time. A time for memories and new beginnings.

Recently, we moved from our Gatton home of 20 years.  The packing and sorting was a massive task for a family of hoarders. Was it treasure or just stuff? Yes, some of it was junk, but others were touchstones for treasured memories. As I sorted through boxes I was reminded of Mem Fox’s book “Wilfred Gordon McDougal Partridge” where a small boy helps an old lady to remember by giving her things to hold. Sorting and packing became a trip down memory lane – so many games, meals, visitors, parties, so much talk and music! I decided to be ruthless, if something was beautiful, useful or I loved it – then I kept it. Otherwise it found a new home.

The removalists took all our stuff and we had a hectic and happy week unpacking and finding places for everything in our new house. It was amazing how beautifully everything fitted and almost instantly felt like home. A week later,  I began to clean the Gatton house one last time for the new owners. I realised that I was just cleaning a house. I had already moved on.

The hardest part to leave was the garden. Spring rains had finally come and everything was bursting with life. Twenty years of work had gone into that garden.  I have photos. I can take cuttings, but I cannot take the plants, birds, wallabies and other wild life. I can not take the peace and quiet.  I will miss our Gatton garden. Sigh.  But we will build a new garden. Our family and friends will come and share food and conversation and music.

In all this activity Gecko Grove Fine Foods  and Jam Sessions have taken a back seat. Here’s to moving on and new beginnings. Stay tuned for the next venture.


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