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Summer Time and life is a bit sticky


I confess that shopping for men has always been a challenge for me.  The men in my life are used to receiving some strange  gifts. My modus operandi is if I can’t get them what they really want, then at least I try to give something useful. Like the fly veil I gave my son in law last Christmas. It may look odd, but I felt sure it would be useful when camping.


Occasionally I have bought a gift that keeps on giving. About three years ago I bought Allan a native bee hive. I thought it would be great in the garden, low maintenance pets and eventually we’d get some honey. It has been lovely to watch the little creatures flying about and pollinating our plants.

We were a little unsure about how they’d take to the move – new garden, new climate. Happily, the neighbour’s mock orange seems very popular and all is well in the bee house. So well in fact that we decided it was time to split the hive and collect some honey. This is much easier them with honey bees because native bees don’t sting.

I am happy to report that the hive was split successfully, and we have some delicious sugar bag.


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